Bringing life to your Blinds: Caring & Maintenance Tips

Set a Schedule

These window treatments always accumulate dust and dirt over time. So, set your shutter #blinds maintenance schedule to maintain the visual and functional appeal of your #window treatments. As a rule of thumb, Corporate Shading advises you to clean and maintain your window treatments once every six months. However, if you’re living in a relatively dusty or dirty location, consider increasing the frequency of your cleaning schedules.

Wash it Off

If you have vinyl blinds, cleaning them gets easier — simply remove them from the brackets holding them to your window and dunk them in a bathtub of warm, soapy water. Swish them about in the water for a bit and rub them gently with the soft side of a sponge.If there are dark spots or smudges, give them a bit of extra sponge time. Rinse under running water (your shower head is good for this) and stand upright to dry before reattaching to your window.

Give Them a Dusting

Dusty slats are blinds’ biggest maintenance issue. Open #blinds catch dust just like any other horizontal surface, and the slats can be a pain to clean since they’re so close together. But regular dusting can help extend the life of your blinds and keep them looking just as beautiful as the day they were installed.Use a soft microfiber cloth or duster to gently remove dust from your blinds. Corporate Shading recommends doing this once a week. You may also want to give them a once-over with your vacuum and the soft brush attachment once every two weeks to a month. Some people even find that rubbing the slats of their blinds with a dryer sheet after cleaning them prevents dust from building up as quickly.

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