Survive Winter: Carports in the Winter Season

Although carports appear to leave your car open to the elements, evidence suggests that parking your car under a carport can prevent your vehicle from frosting over, even in minus temperatures. Carports also protect your car from low temperatures that can damage the finish of your vehicle over time.

While surprising to some, there are more ways to damage a car during the long winter months than during the summer. This is why, if a garage is not available to protect your car from low temperatures and ice, it is essential to park under a carport. Not only does this conserve the outside of your vehicle but it can also make your life much easier.

Designed to offer optimal #protection in different weather conditions is our Corporate Shading Single Carport which helps Zimbabwean motorists prevent environmental damage to their vehicle, whether it is raining, windy, or bright.

Corporate Shading Pvt Ltd provides blinds and carports installation services to businesses and individuals. Also, we pride ourselves in supplying vertical blinds and Venetian blinds for both corporate and domestic use in Harare and around Zimbabwe

Get in touch with our sales team on more information on different types of carports available!

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